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  • Volunteer and Pre-employment Screening - We offer a full range of services designed to keep businesses safe from potential liability. These same services assist these businesses in screening out the unwanted applicants.

  • Criminal History Searches & Sex Offender Registry Searches - searches an applicant’s past to reveal previous convictions to determine if they are good hire to be a candidate for certain positions.

  • Motor Vehicle Driving Histories - Reviews an a candidate's driving history to see if their license is current and valid and that they do not show bad driving behavior.  

  • Credit Reports - A view into how a candidate manages their own finances before handling the finances of a company  

  • Education Verification - Verifies and validates the degrees and majors claimed by an applicant. Did they obtain a degree or just attend?  

  • Employment Verification(s) – This check validates their resume; we look for accurate information provided by the applicant as well as reasons for leaving and if they are eligible for rehire.

  • Federal Criminal Searches - a search of the US Court system or Federal Court system. This check covers White collar crimes and any crime that falls within the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts system.

  • International Criminal Searches - Allows an organization to screen criminal histories in foreign countries if their applicant attended school or lived abroad.

  • Drug Testing – Includes numerous options from the standard 5-11 panel screens to more sophisticated screenings and DOT programs.

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